Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a holistic method of cold therapy that enables the body to naturally recover at the cellular level. By exposing the body to temperatures of -240 degrees F, your body goes into temporary survival mode which causes your blood to rush towards your central core for the three minutes you are in the unit.

Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy has long been utilized to help any individual who needs relief from discomfort and inflammation associated with circulatory disorders and muscle pain and soreness. At C.R.Y.O. Philadelphia, we are proud to provide a cutting edge therapeutic experience, called NormaTec.


Monthly maintenance
$125 per month
1 Whole Body Cryotherapy Session per week

$275 per month
4 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions per week

$295 per month
2 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions per week
2 Spot Cryo sessions per week
1 Free Compression Therapy

Ultimate Whole Body Cryotherapy Membership
$350 per month
Unlimited Whole Body Cryotherapy
Unlimited Compression Therapy
1 Free Spot Cryo
1 Free LED Phototherapy


Introductory Session $25
1 Session $55
3 Sessions $135
5 Sessions $200
10 Sessions $375
20 Sessions $600


Introductory Session $25
1 Session $45
3 Sessions $125
5 Sessions $195
10 Sessions $350


Introductory Session $25
1 Session $45
3 Sessions $125
5 Sessions $195
10 Sessions $350
5 minute treatment $25

LED Phototherapy

Introductory Session $25
1 Session $45
4 Sessions $160
8 Sessions $280
16 Sessions $400

Fresh Face Bundle

4 Cryo Facials and 4 LED Phototherapy Treatments $280
8 Cryo Facials and 8 LED Phototherapy Treatments $400


Introductory Session $20
1 Session $29
5 Sessions $125
10 Sessions $200

*All sessions are 30 minutes.


Introductory Session $25
1 Session $45
3 Sessions $120
6 Sessions $255
12 Sessions $350


3 Celluma Treatments/3 Cryo Facials $240
6 Celluma Treatments/6 Cryo Facials $420
9 Celluma Treatments/9 Cryo Facials $540

Ultimate Healer

Spot Cryotherapy + WB Cryotherapy Combo

Introductory Session $45
1 session $90
3 sessions $240
6 sessions $420

Ultimate Cryoskin

WBC + Cryoskin 2.0 Toning/Slimming + Compression Combo

1 Session $400
5 Sessions $1700

Whole Body Cryotherapy boosts metabolism and circulation and cools the body to prepare for a Cryoskin 2.0 treatment. Compression therapy helps remove waste and furthers the circulation, therefore aiding in weight loss.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice for rescheduling and/or cancelling. We are a boutique facility and operate multiple services in our rooms. When we hold a service for you, it means that we are turning away other costumers. Life happens, we get it! That being said, failure to contact us will result in a nonrefundable $25 fee. For no shows and late cancellations for deluxe facials, you willed be charged 50% or your booked service. Your groupon or gift certificate will be redeemed. For existing members and package holders, we will have to charge you the same $25 fee. Your package or existing treatments do not count. Thank you for your understanding!